We produce world-class and innovative wines for every occasion that appeal to wine enthusiasts around the world. Our diverse portfolio includes super premium wines through to everyday drinking and moderation options.

We put the consumer at the heart. Traditional winemaking is at the nucleus of our discipline and whilst we respect it, we are not bound by it. We innovate and push the boundaries to meet consumer needs.

Our view from vine to glass ensures we are setting ourselves up with the best fruit for our blends. The best wines are made in the vineyard and our winemakers are the custodians from vine to glass.

We create approachable and easy-drinking wines for now and well into the future, that reflect the best of the varietal and regional nuances.

“First choice for every occasion”

Buronga Hill Winery

Our Buronga Hill Winery in the Sunraysia district of southern NSW is the third largest winery by crush capacity in Australia, equipped with state-of-the-art winemaking technology. The site is at the forefront of developments in sustainable winemaking and has seen significant investment in solar energy, including its own large-scale solar plant.

We employ over 120 permanent people at Buronga Hill Winery and an additional 90 in peak seasonal periods. We have made long term investments in winemaking including a $9 million investment in a Super Premium Winery and $2.5 million investment in spinning cone column technology to ensure our winemaking and innovation remains world leading.

The winemaking team

The winemaking team is led by Chief Winemaker Jamie Saint and Head Winemakers James Evers (Premium) and Pia Merrick (Everyday/Lifestyle). The team are responsible for curating the harvest of approximately 6% of Australia’s crush and culminating in the award winning creation of 150 blends of various styles and price points.

Jamie Saint - Chief Winemaker

Jamie joined the Australian Vintage winemaking team for work experience in 2005 and never left. Since then, he has held several positions throughout the business before taking on Chief Winemaker at the beginning of 2020. Jamie wears many hats and knows the portfolio like the back of his hands. A major responsibility of his, along with championing wine style and quality, is innovation and new product development.

Jamie is fluent in unique technologies such as flash détente, electrodialysis and spinning cone column all which draw from his favourite parts of wine including the science, the process and the evolution to assist in producing award-winning, market leading, quality wine and alcohol-free alternatives.

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