We’re in business to make
good wine that truly is good.

Good for the people that make it,
good for the land on which we depend, and
good for long term prosperity.

Australian Vintage is committed to achieving net zero emissions by 2040 across our entire value chain.

Our sustainability goals

Our sustainability roadmap incorporates our vision for the net positive impact we would like to create in our business and industry; with the intention of putting more back into the environment, society and economy than we take out. Our targets and programs to help move us towards this positive future.

Fostering an empowered team

We work to craft an inclusive culture, celebrate diverse people and perspectives, improve equity, and support everyone to be their most full, healthy and vibrant selves. In 2023 we won Most Improved Gender Equity Award by Drinks Association.

Be good hosts

We believe that everyone deserves to connect, celebrate, share and unwind. So, we are embracing the value of social connection and good hospitality by promoting safe enjoyment of our products. We are proud supporters of DrinkWise and Community Alcohol Partnerships.

Give back to regional communities

Our business benefits from the communities around our wine regions and operations, so we are committed to giving back to them so we can all thrive.

Take critical climate action

We’re striving for net-zero carbon emissions by 2040 – Taking a science-based approach to climate action to ensure we reduce emissions across our entire value chain.

Circular future of packaging

We’re on a mission to make the packaging of our products as good as what’s inside. We’re doing this by increasing recycled content, removing plastic and optimising our packaging for transportation to achieve 2025 National Packaging Targets.

Regenerate land and water

We are a business that depends on nature, so looking after our land, soil, biodiversity and waterways is the natural thing to do. Our owned and operated vineyards and winery are certified with Sustainable Winegrowing Australia.

Partners as allies

We’re prioritising values-aligned suppliers, partners and customers, and seeking ways to collaborate on shared goals.

Build trust through transparency

We are on a journey to be a force for good and believe transparent, accountable and measurable reporting builds trust and integrity, supporting our ambitions and our actions.

Make decisions that are good for all

We are making informed decisions today to ensure our people, our communities, our vineyards and all of our stakeholders are thriving in the future.

Our partners

We believe strong partnership is the key to progress. This is why we value our certification and community partners to help us become better and collaborate to create business as a force for good.

Looking after the land that provides for us utilising regenerative and sustainable practices. Our vineyards and winery are certified with Sustainable Winegrowing Australia.

Packaging for a circular future, signatory to the 2025 National Packaging Targets.

Fostering social connections through support to fund responsible enjoyment education and awareness.

Annual financial contribution to fund health and wellbeing in UK communities.

Cultivating an inclusive and open workplace culture through healthy minds.

Collaborating to understand and support the regions most important issues.

Collaborating with best-in-class consultants to ensure we are transparent and authentic in our approach and measurement.

Empowering the minds of tomorrow with work experience and educational support.

Collaborating to understand and support the regions most important issues.

Latest news

Enhancing biodiversity at the Nepenthe vineyard

The vineyard team at our Nepenthe vineyard planted native shrubs and installed a series of bat and bird boxes to enhance the site’s biodiversity. A dedicated pocket of bushland at the top of the vineyard has been earmarked for a pioneering biodiversity and regenerative revegetation initiative. This area has been thoughtfully planted with ten native…

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