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Australian Vintage expands Ready-To-Drink (RTD) portfolio with Tempus One launch aimed at Gen Z and Millennials

Brand News | October 2023

Leading global drinks company Australian Vintage is launching Tempus One, a collection of sparkling Prosecco-based wine spritzers dropping just in time to disrupt the RTD market this summer.

Available in three refreshing flavours including watermelon, berry and passionfruit, Tempus One will launch in selected Ritchies Liquor stores across Australia’s East Coast in October, before being rolled out to other stores and regions in early 2024.

With RTD volumes growing faster than any other drinks category in the alcohol market*, Australian Vintage has developed the new drink using a blend of Australian Prosecco, soda and fruit flavours to inject innovation into the sector and appeal to a younger generation of drinkers.

With 38 calories per 100ml, the spritzer provides a lighter option to many other RTDs currently on the market – while giving those refreshment cues.

At just 4% ABV, a 330ml can of Tempus One is equivalent to one standard drink, making it an approachable RTD with a sessionable ABV. Tempus One is the perfect accompaniment to long summer days and nights – as well as Australia’s summer music festival circuit – where the brand will activate targeting its key audience and recruiting a new generation of wine drinkers who will be coming back for more.

Tom Dusseldorp, Chief Marketing Officer at Australian Vintage said: “Tempus One is an exciting new venture which will operate alongside its older sister, Tempus Two. Where Tempus Two provides discerning wine drinkers with an elegant, crafted choice, Tempus One breaks the wine rules. Younger generations are promiscuous drinkers, looking for refreshing, lighter alcohol options and aesthetics. The launch of Tempus One will provide young Aussies with a unique full flavoured Prosecco-based RTD.

As part of its launch, Tempus One’s partnership with Live Nation will be bringing the Tempus One spritzer to music festivals across the country for one epic summer.

Tempus One is priced at $25 RRP for a 4-pack, hitting shelves in October.