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Australian Vintage wins 2023 Most Improved Gender Equity Award

Company News | August 2023

The award takes into account improvements in female representation in leadership and the overall workforce, as well as policy changes for all genders.

Sydney, 15 August 2023: Australian Vintage has won the 2023 Most Improved Gender Equity Award, at this year’s Australian Drinks Awards in Sydney.

Shortlisted based on data extracted from the annual WGEA Report and an official Drinks Association submission, the world leading global drinks company beat finalists Moët Hennessy and Accolade Wines.

Over the past year, Australian Vintage, who’s pillar brands include Tempus Two, McGuigan, Nepenthe and more, achieved a 19% increase in female management representation, with the ASX-listed company also recognised for its generous policies on parental leave, annual leave, and flexibility.

Australian Vintage Director of People and Culture, Natasha Dale says,  “Over the past 18 months, we have been laser-focused on continuing to drive an inclusive culture that welcomes women into senior roles and supports them in these roles. We truly believe that providing the right environment and culture backed by benefits drives these results. Our engagement results show that our actions are filtering through and having a tangible impact on how our employees feel at work.”

The award follows Australian Vintage building on its employee benefits and recognition on July 1, 2023. It’s world class liquor industry policies include:

  • Parental leave: Primary carers are provided 26 weeks leave and secondary 4 weeks leave. Both can be taken at half pay, and both are offered full super payments while on unpaid leave as well as paid leave.
  • Annual leave: Annual leave may be purchased, and the option to take leave at half pay is also offered. Employees may also apply for sabbaticals.
  • Flexibility: True flexibility with hybrid working and no set days in the office or start and finish times, as well as the option to work from anywhere.