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Enhancing biodiversity at the Nepenthe vineyard

Impact News | June 2024

The vineyard team at our Nepenthe vineyard planted native shrubs and installed a series of bat and bird boxes to enhance the site’s biodiversity.

A dedicated pocket of bushland at the top of the vineyard has been earmarked for a pioneering biodiversity and regenerative revegetation initiative.

This area has been thoughtfully planted with ten native species to significantly enhance biodiversity, create vital habitats for beneficial insects and insectivorous birds, and restore native vegetation. The overarching goal is to rejuvenate the vineyard ecosystem, fostering robust health in both native flora and fauna.

With a foundation of mature gum trees and saplings already in place, our focus now shifts to enriching the mid-story with a diverse array of shrubs. These plants are specifically chosen to attract beneficial insects and small insectivorous birds, establishing a natural predatory presence within the vineyard.











Additionally, we have installed a series of bat boxes and a pardalote (insectivorous bird) box near the dam, aiming to boost habitats for microbats and Pardalotes. Microbats, capable of consuming up to 1,000 insects each night, including the vineyard’s common pest, the Light Brown Apple Moth, are invaluable allies in maintaining ecological balance.

The next phase of our regenerative project involves further increasing biodiversity and combating erosion around the dam, with new planting scheduled for July. Through these concerted efforts, we are committed to nurturing a vibrant, self-sustaining vineyard ecosystem that harmonizes with the natural environment.











Great work to the team!