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Leading global food and beverage industry supplier AustFlavor rebrands to AUSGRAPE

Brand News | September 2023

AUSGRAPE proudly grows, processes and exports only the finest grape derived products to the global food and beverage industry.

Sydney, 1 September 2023: Australian Vintage announces its investment in leading manufacturer and supplier of quality grape derived products, AUSGRAPE, as it rebrands from AustFlavor.

A division of Australian Vintage, operating out of a state-of-the-art facility at Buronga Hill, in Australia’s famous Sunraysia wine region, AUSGRAPE has provided precision, quality and consistency to the global food and beverage industry for over 35 years.

Specialising in Grape Juice Concentrate, Single Strength Grape Juice (Not From Concentrate) and Wine Dealcoholisation Processing, AustFlavor was created in 1988 to service the domestic and international winemaking community.

It has since expanded to service food and beverage manufacturers, offering innovative grape derived products to multi-national beer, wine, spirit and confectionery manufacturers in Canada, USA, Japan, Thailand, Malaysia and Indonesia.

Australian Vintage Chief Marketing Officer Tom Dusseldorp says Austflavor’s rebrand to AUSGRAPE proves Australian Vintage’s commitment to innovation.

“The investment from Australian Vintage in transforming Austflavor to AUSGRAPE cements our commitment to improving the quality and enjoyment of grape-derived products for Australia and the rest of the world.

“As the market leaders in no and low alcohol, the evolution of the brand will see Australian Vintage strengthen its share of the category, as well as growing its share of Grape Concentrate and Single Strength Grape Juice segments. Following on from the company’s success in the Canadian and Japanese food and beverage markets, we see growth opportunities for grape-derived products in China, Thailand and India,” Dusseldorp says.

As a Sedex member and recent recipient of BRC AA+ accreditation, AUSGRAPE champions quality and social responsibility values.

AUSGRAPE Manager Rob Merrick says, “The rebrand sees AUSGRAPE embody our values of precision, quality and consistency. Our dedicated team of experts has over 35 years’ experience elevating grape product quality to deliver on taste and texture for our customers,” says Merrick.

AUSGRAPE’s three key products and services include:

  1. Grape Juice Concentrate
    • Standard Concentrate (all major varieties)
    • Premium Concentrate (Protein & Tartrate Stable)
      • Premium White
      • Premium Chardonnay
      • Premium Muscat
      • Premium Red
      • Premium High Colour Red
      • Premium Shiraz
    • Preservative Free Concentrate ((SO2 Free, Protein & Tartrate Stable); Red & White)
      • Preservative Free Muscat High Aroma
      • Preservative Free Chardonnay
      • Preservative Free Shiraz (Coming soon! Vintage 2024)
      • Preservative Free High Colour Red (Coming soon! Vintage 2024)
    • Deionised Concentrate, Deionised wine (11.5%ABV) & Deionised fortified wine (21.5%ABV)
  2. Single Strength Grape Juice (NFC) (all major varieties)
  3. Processing
    • Wine dealcoholisation for blend alcohol reduction, NoLo and mid-strength wine ranges
    • Grape juice evaporation services to maintain flavour concentration and colour for more economic shipping