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Our Employee Benefits

People News | September 2023

At Australian Vintage we are committed to supporting, rewarding and inspiring our team members. We offer a wide package of employee benefits and rewards to ensure the best way of working for all stages of life! Read on to see how some of our employees have been taking advantage of their benefits.

Work from anywhere: desk chair to deck chair

Digital Marketing Manager, Courtney Williams has always had a passion for travel and overseas experiences. As Australia began to open borders and the world once again welcomed international travel, Courtney booked her flights to Bali. The AV work from anywhere benefit offers office-based employees the opportunity to work remotely if the role and duties allow, overseas or domestically for a period of time.

Courtney was excited to know that she could continue to work but also have the chance to visit new places and get in some site seeing! “Getting to embrace the digital nomad life for three weeks was an amazing experience. Exchanging the office for a pool view in Bali was an incredible experience for fuelling creativity and productivity. I’m so grateful for the opportunity.”

Paid Parental Leave: wine bottles to milk bottles

Our 26 weeks paid parental leave benefit meant our Key Accounts Manager for Convenience, Jo Walker has returned to work feeling relaxed and ready to jump right back into office life. “Having the time off has been a game changer! I realise how lucky I am to have had a full year to enjoy this time with my baby and toddler.

One of Australian Vintage’s employee benefits is that primary carers are eligible for 26 weeks of paid parental leave at full pay or 52 weeks at half pay, and secondary carers can receive four weeks paid leave. “The extra time off with financial security meant I could relax and ensure the children could settle into nursery easier as I started working again.

Jo adds that our private health insurance benefit is also super important in the UK which helped her greatly during her time of rest and recovery after her second child.

Birthday Day Off: did someone say a three-day birthday weekend?

Birthday leave allows one day of annual leave on or within the month of the person’s birthday each year. This means you can celebrate your birthday with the people who matter most and not worry about losing a day of work. For some, it means enjoying your holiday for a little longer like our National Account Manager, Colette Power who celebrated her birthday with an extended trip to Bali!

Having my birthday day off means I can get an extra day of rest after the red eye flight home from Bali without missing a day of my amazing holiday or missing a day of work!”

Sabbaticals and Career Breaks: there is a big exciting world out there!

Always wanted to take some time to experience a new culture, learn a different language, explore new corners of the world? You muster up the courage to leave your job and chase your dreams only to realise your job is too good to leave permanently…! Well, at Australian Vintage, you can finally book that 12 week retreat in Greece with the reassurance your desk will be waiting for your return with our employee sabbatical benefit.

Employees can pursue the ambitions they have outside of their day jobs for 3-12 months unpaid and have their role be left open for them to return to. Our Talent Partner, Anna Kelly has taken an eight-month sabbatical to visit the world and will return full of new experiences next year.