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McGuigan Black Label Refresh

Brand News | May 2014

The McGuigan Black Label range recently underwent a front and back label refresh to provide greater on shelf presence and modernise the range. Employing a new method of production, each label is now more vibrant and representative of the wine style inside. The refresh sees the McGuigan brand more stylistically appropriate for current and future consumers, with the same great wine found inside.

The Black Label range is currently experiencing significant growth, with the range having 3 products in Australia’s top 25 branded bottled red wines. Alongside this, Black Label white wines are in 39% growth and Black Label sparkling is in a huge 46% growth. The McGuigan Black Label range is also home to the #1 selling branded bottled red wine in the Australian market – Black Label Red, which outsells its nearest rival by close to 60%.

*Aztec data MAT – 13/4/2014