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World-leading drinks company Australian Vintage announces new global employee benefits including loyalty leave, work from anywhere and summer Fridays

Company News | June 2023


ASX-listed global wine and drinks leader, Australian Vintage announces new global employee benefits, building on its existing packages to recruit and retain world-class talent. 

The additional perks come after a global shift in employee priorities and expectations due to the recent rise in remote working.

Australian Vintage has a leading global wine portfolio with pillar brands including McGuigan, Tempus Two, Nepenthe and the Barossa Valley Wine Company, Not Guilty, as well as innovative drinks ranges Mr. Stubbs, Rescued Drinks Co. and more.

The company is passionate about attracting and retaining the best people, says Australian Vintage Director of People and Culture, Natasha Dale.

“These new rewards ensure that as a business we are supporting our employees through all stages of life. Our people are our most valuable asset here at Australian Vintage. It is paramount that we remain proactive but also reactive, finding innovative ways to attract the best talent and ensuring we keep them engaged through rewards and recognition. We are delighted to offer a package that reflects Australian Vintage’s values and recognises the loyalty and dedication of our team,” says Dale.    

The new employee* benefits will roll out globally from July 1, 2023 and include:

  • Additional Loyalty Leave: after three years’ service employees will receive an additional five days of annual leave, to use that calendar year.
  • Work From Anywhere: office-based employees can work remotely if the role and duties allow overseas or domestically for a period of time.
  • Birthday Leave: one day of annual leave on or within the month of their birthday each year.
  • Volunteer Days: employees can choose a charity or not-for-profit to volunteer for and still receive their regular pay.
  • Mental Health Days: personal leave will be able to be used for a mental health day.
  • Summer Fridays: reduced hours on Fridays from 2pm during the summer months.
  • Bupa healthcare: a partnership with Bupa health insurance to provide employees in Australia with great corporate health plans, exclusive offers and discounts.

Australian Vintage Chief Executive Craig Garvin says, “At Australian Vintage we’re proud of our passionate, agile and innovative team. It is critical that our employment packages also reflect the dynamic world we live in. These additions continue our focus on the wellbeing of our employees as we strive to be the best employer we can be.”

Australian Vintage understands that a strong employee benefits package and a real work-life balance can make a big difference.

The new employee benefits bolster Australian Vintage’s existing benefits announced in 2022:

  • Superannuation: super payments will be made while on unpaid parental leave.
  • Mental Health and Wellbeing: continued investment in awareness and training, as well as an extensive online EAP offering to support managers and employees.
  • Flu Shots: funding the cost of all employee flu shots.
  • Flexible Working: a hybrid flexible working model.
  • Paid Parental Leave: primary carers are eligible for 26 weeks of paid parental leave and secondary carers can receive 4 weeks paid leave.
  • Sabbatical and career breaks: 3-12 months of unpaid leave, with option to return to role.  
  • Purchased Annual Leave: purchase an additional five days of leave.
  • Education: further education for professional development is encouraged and available.
  • Staff Allocation: access to a range of wines, spirits, and drinks through the wine allowance process.