Diversity, Inclusion & Belonging

We’re all different, and that’s something we’re proud of at Australian Vintage.

Our differences – from backgrounds to experiences to perspectives – is what sets us apart and brings us together. We put inclusive behaviours and fostering a diverse culture at the heart of everything we do.

We create a work environment in which people feel safe. From day one, you’ll be encouraged to be yourself and supported to perform at your best. Employees don’t have to be afraid to show their real personality, their talents, and aspirations, but also their insecurities, doubts, and worries.

Australian Vintage is a place where everybody can bring their whole self to work and freely express their opinion in a constructive and collaborative way.

We strive for diversity of thought, and as a result we understand will be more successful, more innovative, and everyone who interacts with Australian Vintage will feel more empowered to be their most authentic and true self.

Our senior leadership team has worked closely together to ensure that diversity, inclusion and belonging is fundamental to our business, but everybody at Australian Vintage has their part to play.

Gender Pay Gap

We are proud of the progress we have made to our gender pay gap. We believe our significant progress in this area is a direct result of our consistent hard work and focus on creating a truly inclusive workplace culture which encompasses fairness, equal opportunity, and a safe place where employees can thrive and drive innovation.

Progress in this area is a result of strategic people projects including; talent management and succession planning, training and development to support female leaders, behavioural frameworks and self-awareness coaching, mentoring and role modelling, and finally, ensuring a progressive people strategy is under pinned by policies and employee benefits which support employees at all stages of life.

Although great progress and wins have been made to date, we are excited to continue our journey and focus on gender pay gap. Over the next 12 months AVG will be; working with our employee resource group to champion DEI throughout the business globally, implementing a global job banding process, and continuing to invest in employee engagement and best in industry employee benefits.

– Natasha Dale, People and Culture Director


Increase in female management in 2023


Winner of Most Improved Gender Equity Award


Females in Aspiring Leaders Program


Reduced Gender Pay Gap from 9%

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