Tempus Two

So our conviction is to do things a little differently from other brands.

Since being born with a maverick spirit in 1997, Tempus Two is proud to say they do things differently and don’t follow tradition.

We swirl like no one’s watching. We’re not shackled to a single region, we’re globally sourced and globally sold. Our iconic bottles make any occasion a celebration. And we’ve even been known to serve wine out of taps.

In a nutshell, we make bold, elegant wines you don’t need to be a sommelier to enjoy. Even though the best sommeliers do.

Tempus Two creatively harnesses the unique wine spirit that is extracted during the process used to make its no-and-low alcohol wines and repurposes it into a range of high-quality gins.

Our Copper Gins are infused with complementary botanicals that elevate each spirit’s inherent characteristics.

But enough about us. Pass the bubbles.

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Latest News

Results from the International Wine and Spirit Competition

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What World Environment Day means for the team at Australian Vintage

We’re in business to make good wine that truly is good. Good for the people that make it, good for the land on which we depend, and good for long term prosperity. On World Environment Day, we are reminded of the vital importance of protecting and nurturing our environment. Hear from our team and learn…

Tech Meets Terroir: Australia’s First AI Wine CTZN Launches

The future of wine is here as CTZN, Australia’s first AI-curated, human-crafted wine, makes its groundbreaking launch. Combining the precision of artificial intelligence with the artistry of human craftsmanship, the wine is redefining the boundaries of tradition and innovation – where does technology stop, and human begin? Each bottle represents a harmonious blend of AI…

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