The Butcher’s Cellar

We’re putting our meat heroes on our labels, loud and proud. To us, it’s not only about wine, but also about recognising, acknowledging, supporting and encouraging our people. This is exactly how The Butcher’s Cellar came about. We are committed to showcasing the best-in-class butchers locally and internationally and sharing their wealth of knowledge with you. We are proud to be a brand that pays homage to butchers, wine and meat lovers alike.

We know you spend hours perfecting your meat dishes. So, do yourself a favour and don’t f#ck it up at the table.

The Butcher’s Cellar is a range of wine that match perfectly with your favourite cuts. Whether is steak or chicken, we’ve taken the guess work out and developed the perfect wine that will please your palate and indulge yourself and your guests to a bloody amazing experience.

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Latest News

Enhancing biodiversity at the Nepenthe vineyard

The vineyard team at our Nepenthe vineyard planted native shrubs and installed a series of bat and bird boxes to enhance the site’s biodiversity. A dedicated pocket of bushland at the top of the vineyard has been earmarked for a pioneering biodiversity and regenerative revegetation initiative. This area has been thoughtfully planted with ten native…

Results from the International Wine and Spirit Competition

The International Wine and Spirit Competition (IWSC) has been entered and judged for another year with amazing results for our portfolio products. It was Tempus One’s first wine show and what a great introduction to this world with the Tempus One Watermelon Prosecco Spritzer scoring 91 points. A big congratulations to the winemakers and wider…

What World Environment Day means for the team at Australian Vintage

We’re in business to make good wine that truly is good. Good for the people that make it, good for the land on which we depend, and good for long term prosperity. On World Environment Day, we are reminded of the vital importance of protecting and nurturing our environment. Hear from our team and learn…

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